Long Johns Hopkins Day

It's been a very long day.  Today was our appointment with Dr. Belzberg, the nerve transplant specialist.  Dr. Whitham had referred us to him as the last EMG indicated no improvement with the C5 Palsy.

We get there, and they take us in pretty quickly.  The PA comes in and goes over the history.  Then in comes Dr. Belzberg - again we go through the history, he does the arm strengths tests, looks over the last EMG, looks at his PA, shakes his head and does the tests again.  The PA and he keep giving each other these odd puzzled looks.  So we ask the obvious, "What's the problem?"

Well it seems what the EMG was saying and what he's seeing are two entirely different things.  He says the EMG (which was done locally and not at Johns Hopkins BTW) doesn't make sense.  He's also saying that there is one nerve that controls 2 muscles in the arm and that it's only working the one - which doesn't make sense.  He thinks it may be Brachial Plexitis rather than C5 Palsy.  He wants an EMG done there.  Just when it's crossing both of our minds that this will involve another trip down, they tell us there is an opening at 4:45 if he wants to do the test today.  We agree and just wander around until the appointment time.

We get there and the test proceeds.  I can't remember this doctor's name, but after the test it's his opinion that it is not Brachial Plexitis and he thinks it's just a waiting game.  Nerves grow 1 millimeter a month and hubby has at least anywhere from 2 to 5 more months of growth to go.  However, that's just his observation.  We have to call next week and see where Dr. Belzberg wants to go from here.  So we know no more that what we knew before.

Once funny thing did happen though.  Course through the appointments hubby always mentions that he first noticed symptoms while playing the drums, etc...  Well when the PA came back into the room and says they can do the EMG today, hubby says "Groovy".  I looked at him and said "Groovy???  Who says that anymore?"  In which Dr. Blezberg replied "50 year old drummers."  And we laughed, at hubby's expense of course!!


  1. Well, though you have nothing definitive, it does sound possibly encouraging! Keep the faith! I think the world of Hopkins and am sure they will get to the bottom of it!


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