I'm Kind Of Honored And Weirded Out All At The Same Time

I joined Twitter around the same time that I did FaceBook.  I didn't bother much with Twitter until recently mostly because I didn't quite understand it's purpose...but this week I've learned a lot.

Kevin Spacey began Twittering.  Yes, you heard that right *the* Kevin Spacey - it really is him...he even posted some photos of a concert that he and his friend/Triggerstreet business partner Dana Burnetti went to.  Dana is a big Twitterer and is also on FaceBook and well recently got Kevin into twittering.  I'm friends with Dana at FaceBook and I think he must just befriend anyone - cause really who am I to him?  But it's fun to follow him because he FaceBooks/Twitters almost constantly.  So I chose to follow him at Twitter along with Kevin Spacey.

At Twitter you can respond to just about anyone out there, but you can only "direct message" (which is private message) with someone that you follow that also follows you - Kevin Spacey only follows Dana & Triggerstreet; who can blame him - he'd be bombarded with psycho messages.

Anyway, why am I honored and weirded out at the same time?  This morning, I open Twitter first thing and have a follower request (no not from Kevin Spacey) from Dana Burnetti.......  The computer guy happened to be in my office doorway and said "You look puzzled."  I began to explain....ending with "Does he want to follow me because he thinks I'm some psycho Spacey fan or........"  He looked at me and said "Yeah, what could be the or?"  Anyway, I accepted his request and hopefully he will see I'm just a normal everyday person who happens to be a normal everyday Spacey fan.  So I *am* honored to be followed by the man, but a little weirded out because I don't know why.......I mean really, how interesting can my life be to him?

Oh and for all you MySpacer's out there that are friends with Kevin there - it's NOT him, he doesn't MySpace....just some impostor (but I already knew that).
This evening I bought a Magic Bullet.  For those that have no clue what I'm talking about it's a blender.  I love to make smoothie's and frozen fruit drinks and have been through about 4 Hamilton Beach Mini-Blenders.  I like the small ones because they are transportable.  My one broke last night, so I needed another, but rather than go the cheap route again...I opted to spend some bucks and got the Bullet.  So far I'm very pleased.

Tomorrow it's just me and Mary in the office, but since it's Friday it should be relatively quiet.