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Prayers go out to Kim as her mother-in-law passed away early this morning; this was unexpected and her hubby's on his way to England (which is where his parents live).  Keep them in your thoughts.

Twittering has been going on, but it does get confusing and overwhelming at times.  I made my account "public" one day, and you can really understand the conversations if you do that.  But it gets overwhelming and I've chosen, for the time being, to stay "private" and just deal with those I want to follow and such.  I did turn off the option of having the messages flow into my email box though - that fills up too fast.  I just enjoy it online.  I have twittered (or is that tweeted??) Kevin Spacey, but he hasn't responded back, but that's okay...it's all just fun and the best way to handle this is to twitt (or tweet) and not expect responses.  Have fun with it!!

Thinking of twitter, I was reading a question and answer in a magazine today.  Someone asked why celebrities don't answer their own fan mail.  The answer came from some celebrity agency that said that they advise their clients not to answer the mail due to stalkers and crazies and such.  They claimed that alot of that starts because a person wrote a innocent fan mail letter and the celebrity wrote a very generic response (or even just sent an autographed photo) and the fan "assumed" they were now "friends" because they got the response.  That made me think of Twitter....  What if Kevin tweets a response to the wrong person?  Some people may assume that because he chose to respond to them - that means there's an interest there.  That worries me.....can these people associate that an online response does not mean an interest in you?  Let's hope so.

Hubby played drums at the Otterbein Church today.  It was the first time he's played publically since his surgery.  He had to do all 3 services though and it made him very tired.  We go back to Johns Hopkins on Friday to meet with the nerve surgeon.

That's all for today....


  1. oh man amazing!Incrediblenice article, it's impresive how people came from nothing to a huge international company [i love human potential] thanks for sharing


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