All Work And No Play....

Work was somewhat of a challenge today.  My plan was to file, take care of the file boxes falling over in the corner and to update and file the leave slips.....none of that happend.

As I mentioned in a previous post, the furniture for the new office area has become somewhat of a project - apparently for me to solve.  What we had originally was a list of furniture that was to be ordered from a chosen vendor.  The problem was, we didn't know which items were which.  Today the architect emailed the actual information with the models numbers and such.  My job?  To go through the current catalog and update the prices.

First page - 10 executive L-shaped desks in the Contemporary Line with a last known price of $694.00 each.  Problem?  There was no Contemporary Line in the catalog.  The model numbers didn't exist.  As a matter of fact, there was no L-shaped desk priced less than $1100.00 in the book.  This process continued with almost every item.

I eventually came across a sheet in the mess of paperwork that stated the original list was completed in 2002 and then updated in 2005.  Apparently no one bothered after that.  I realized that the pricing was way outdated and that the furniture line that was chosen was more than likely no longer available.  I called and emailed that company to call me back with what the line had been replaced with and also with the pricing for their modular units as the catalog fails to list those prices.  I'm still waiting for a response.  Problem?  The money for this project is state funded, no room was left for increase, so we can't go over the furniture allowance; I must also add that they picked out the cheapest things they could find and never bothered to check what you really needed.

I think I'll just take my current office furniture with me......