A Johns Hopkins We Will Go...Again & Again & Again.....

Today was ANOTHER Johns Hopkins trip.  Originally scheduled for June 3rd but on a waiting list for a cancellation - hubby received the call Monday that Dr. Belzberg was available to see him today.

Actually hubby had to call them to get the ball rolling again.  Apparently the PA never passed the information on to the RN to schedule.  So hubby calls the RN who hasn't a clue what he's talking about.  She emails the PA at home (he's home because he just got back from Mexico and Johns Hopkins says "You need to stay home an additional 4 days to make sure you're clear of any flu symptoms').  The PA calls hubby and apologizes.  RN calls and schedules for June.  Calls back and schedules for today.

Hubby gets up this morning.  Not a good morning, having a hard time walking and he can't urinate.  We decide it's best for me to drive.  I hate driving on the interstate, but what can you do???  We arrive at the offices at Greenspring (part of Johns Hopkins, but located a 15-20 minute drive from the actual hospital).  We get there on time only to be told that the appointment is at the hospital not there (RN failed to mention that).  They call over there, sorry but we can't fit you in now - you'll have to call Veronica and reschedule.  (Hubby at this point has gone to the bathroom and the walking is improving).  We get back to the car.  He decides to call Veronica from the cell phone to schedule.  She, in turn, squeezes us in at 11:45 - Hurray!!

We get to the hospital and since we have time, decide to eat.  We pass a café, hubby asks why we aren't stopping.  I say "Oh yeah, that's right, you laid in a bed all day....I found the real food."  I then take him to the cafeteria which consists of a cafeteria and a food court with some fast food options.  We eat, then head towards neurology.

Dr. Belzberg does his usual exam and reviews the EMG from April 10th.  It is his opinion that it isn't C-5 Palsy.  If it were the entire nerve wouldn't work.  He thinks it is Brachial Plexus; which apparently means a portion of the nerve isn't working.  The only concern is the nerve that works the deltoid; everything else is improving.  He decides he wants ANOTHER EMG done the first week in June.  If no improvement, he will then proceed with a nerve transplant.

So we're back in waiting mode again. 


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