The Haunting In Connecticut

I've always been very much into the supernatural.  I do think there are things that exist that we can't see or can't explain.  I love a good ghost story.  One of my favorite shows is "A Haunting" on the Discovery Channel.  One of my favorites of those was "A Haunting In Connecticut".  It was a story of a family that had a son that had cancer and moved into a rental property that had been a former Funeral Parlor.  Creepy right?  No kidding, that episode always freaks me out even today.  I have to change the channels allot.

So it was no surprise that the show was taken "Hollywood" and made into a major motion picture "The Haunting In Connecticut".  I've waited for this movie, I've counted the days, I was so disappointed.

Advertised as Based on "the" true story....not "a" true story but "the" true story.  Apparently the author of the original book "In A Dark Place" (which is what the Discovery Channel show was based on) came out and admitted that the family's stories were inconsistent and constantly changed.  He approached the Paranormal Investigators "The Warrens" and told them of the problems he was having.  They basically told him to take what he could get and write a story around it.  So whether the story was real or not, who knows?  Anyway, the motion picture was supposed to tell the "real" story.

Yeah right, the only thing real about this was that the family rented a former funeral parlor and the one son had cancer.  The rest of the story was all made up.  If you haven't seen it yet, you may want to stop reading cause this post is full of spoilers.......

I, of course, did some research.  Apparently the family gave one story to "A Current Affair" first.   Available at You Tube here: .  Then there was the Discovery Channel version - also available at You Tube in several parts - just search it.  Then there's the motion picture.

What I've learned is that the following in the movie NEVER happened:

1.    No seances were held on the property.
2.    No bodies were buried in the walls of the house.
3.    The son did not burn the house down.  As a matter of fact it still stands, someone lives in it, and there's been no paranormal 
4.    There was no fellow cancer patient that happened to be a Pastor.

And unfortunately that's the whole plot of the movie - nothing like the original.

The movie *does* make a good ghost story - had they left the "based on the true story" out of it; it would of made a good horror movie, but since they didn't - it falls very short and is very disappointing.

As for what's the truth?  I think the son with cancer had hallucinations due to his illness and medications and the family fed into that.  Maybe there was some paranormal activity involved, but to what extent?  We'll never really know.