Still Alive & Kicking

I have a really sore throat and feel terrible.  Despite that, I drug myself to work today to try to catch up on the filing because it has gotten totally out of hand.  Fortunately, a co-worker took pity on me and helped with it's back to normal now.

I've finished 2 courses with my Criminal Justice Program with 100% on the class exams.  Course those finals will show up once I finish the semester and well, I expect they will be a little harder.  But I'm trudging along with that.

Went and saw the movie "Knowing" last night.  I really liked this movie, but more than anything I liked going to and viewing others opinions of it (as it gives you a different way of looking at the film).  I go there after seeing almost any movie and there are always that crowd of people who take things "way too seriously".  A movie is a form of entertainment, nothing else.  So chill out people.

I didn't get to post on Sunday, but that day marked the 1 years anniversary of Keyser.  So we had him a year.  I'll try to get that up before the weekend.

But for now - Bedtime!!


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