More of This & That

This evening we visited the grandbaby.  He's really getting big!!  We got a "late" Valentine from him.  A heart with his handprints in it.  So it's my first (of what I hope many) of his "art" on my refrigerator.  I have some new pictures of him and I'll get them up soon.

I signed up for my Criminal Justice Degree online classes.  I decided to go with the Bachelor Degree instead of the AA one.  There were 2 entry tests, one for reading and one for math.  I did VERY well with the reading one.  I also did well with the math (which was just general math) but the fractions are what screwed me (I still got an 84% though).  Fractions just were never my strong point.  I've found some internet sites with help for that, so I may study those a little.  Anyway, the tests are done, they have a copy of my diploma and my first lessons are on the way.  Actually the first 2 are introductory things.  I printed them off the internet site to get a head start.  The first one is just the basics of online classes.  It does have alot of helpful hints though and I now have a list of things to get!!  The other is an introduction to Criminal Justice, which I haven't started yet.  However, sitting here trying to read the lesson, proved a problem.....Cooper layed on the lesson, he played with the ink pen, he played in my drink, he was a royal pain in the "you know what".  So I need to get my desk upstair cleaned off and set up properly and this weekend I think I'll visit the local library (which I've been meaning to do, but never have) - that could be a good "get away" on Saturdays.

On the work front, construction is underway and we should be in our new offices by June, possibly sooner because they are apparently ahead of schedule.  I'm really looking forward to that.

Please keep my cousin Chris in your prayers.  She woke up with pain and numbness in her one arm and goes for an MRI on Saturday.  Hubby and I are back to Johns Hopkins on Wednesday.