Everyday Life

Last night hubby and I decided to go to Denny's to eat as we were both hungry for breakfast food.  We arrived at the restaurant and we're like the only people there.  We were seated, we ordered and waited.  The restaurant filled up pretty fast and well...we waited.  About 45 minutes later, we were beginning to wonder if they were waiting for the chicken to lay the eggs - cause really, how long can it take to make breakfast.  Then the people in the booth behind us, that arrived about 1/2 hour after we did, got their meals - and the man had ordered exactly what I had!!  It was then the waitress came over and explained that another server had taken our meals and the kitchen was making us new ones fresh.  That was fine, but why hadn't they bother to tell us this earlier and also, why was it still taking close to an hour to get the meals?  The manager finally delivered our meals, no apologies, no nothing...he just delivered them.  When the waitress came back to check on us, she asked if the manager had spoken to us.  We answered "No, he just delivered the meals."  She seemed confused and walked away.  When she went to get our bill, I saw her approach the manager.  Yeah, I know what you're thinking, we were expecting a free dinner or at least a huge discount.....we got neither.  The waitress seemed confused as well.  But I just pulled the main offices address off the internet and decided that it's time that bad service is NOT rewarded.

Today I walked down to the library and got a card.  This library is extremely small, but since it didn't look busy, it should be doable.
On the walk I noticed that the one house has a real live turkey in the pen behind it, and I heard two dogs barking near another and discovered them in the very top window of the house.  I was sorry I didn't have my camera with me...would of been interesting.

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