Busy, Busy....

Despite the flu.....I loaded up with cold medicine and Hubby and I went to Hanover, PA to the Petco for another Luv My Pet Vaccination Clinic with Toby & Keyser yesterday.  On the ride up, I noticed I'm missing allot of shopping opportunities in Pennsylvania.  Right off Route 15 is a huge Outlet Mall...and Hanover is full of shopping places as well...I made mental notes of this for the warm season.

Anyway, the clinic was from 2:00-4:00 p.m., and not wanting to have the long wait again, we left the house at noon.  It takes about an hour to get there, so that put us there at 1:00 p.m.  This Petco is an older one and smaller than the others we have been in.  There was a training class going on in the area where the clinic would be, so we were told to start the line a little way back to not interfere with the class.  We were first in line, and well waited.  Others lined up behind us.  About 20 minutes before the class ended a lady with 3 cats and a gentleman with a dog showed up, they apparently had done this before and started there own line right next to the class.  It was quite obvious that the rest of us were not standing there for our health...how rude are people???  Fortunately, the one worker sent them to the back of the line when the class ended and the clinic began to set up (there is justice after all).

There was no walking to the parking lot to a white van for the shots this time...everything was taken care of in the store from start to finish (as it should be).  There are lots of things these clinics offer (heartworm treatment, flea treatment) besides vaccinations that by the time we got to the worker last time...they never mentioned.  Being first in line this time, meant they were going to sell us anything they could!!  Keyser needed everything, but Toby only needed his kennel cough vaccine.  We did give in to heart worm testing though, but did not order heartworm medicine as what's the point until we get the results back???  Anyway, we filled out the forms and proceeded to the next table to the Vet.

The Vet was about 80 years old and retired.  And boy, was he ever a talker.....and he use to raise Beagles to hunt, so he had quite an interest in Keyser who he couldn't believe was actually a Puggle.  He also sees more dogs named Toby these days then he ever has.  I explained Toby was named after Toby Keith the country star.  He said he couldn't believe anyone would ever name a pet after a celebrity.....I didn't bother to explain Keyser's name!

From there we moved to the payment table and then out the door!!!  We then went through McDonald's drive thru where we got drinks and the dogs got Mcnuggets and then drove home.  It was a tiring day for all of us.