Another Downslide Appears

We went to Johns Hopkins this past week for the 4 month follow-up to the surgery.  The surgeon has decided that since there has been no improvement with the nerve that controls the shoulder muscle at this point, the chances are it will never work.  Not the news you want to hear.

We now have an appointment on April 10th with Dr. Allan Belzberg , a nerve specialist at Johns Hopkins.  I've run an internet search on this doctor and am very impressed with what I see.  I've got my fingers crossed that hubby *is* considered a candidate for the nerve transplant surgery.  Apparently they take part of a working nerve from another area and place it into the non-working area.  That doesn't mean that after surgery, hubby's arm will miraculously work as normal, there will still be a several month healing process...but at least there is some kind of "hope" there.

"HOPE" it brings me back to that candle I bought there when he had his surgery.


  1. Keeping him (and you) in my prayers, Laura. Hang in there.


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