And It Was, What It Was

Well, "The Bachelor" played out exactly as the rumors said they would.  He picked Melissa, dumped her on the after show for the runner-up Molly.  Ahhh...the path of true love - isn't it wonderful????  And needless to say it's an ongoing topic on all the boards.  From watching the show, I'm pretty sure Melissa was expecting it.  The show taped back in the Fall and the couple apparently spent holidays together before taping the after show in early January.  I mean, she certainly didn't seem THAT air headed that she couldn't tell that things weren't working out.  I say it's best she found out now, then later.  Nice girl, refused to be the next Bachelorette, so she's apparently very smart as well.

Then last night "American's Next Top Model" started.  There was some drama, but they didn't pick the drama queen to continue on to the second hour- but they do have another, so the show may get interesting.  This show is really getting "same old, same old" and they need to add some variety to it.  How about one with just plus-size models?  Or one with older women?  Or one for male models?  They could do allot with this, unfortunately they do not.  And they consider plus-size a size 6 and up - so well.......

I'll be finishing up my Advance Word and Excel online classes this weekend.  I use Word quite a bit and though I learned some of the hidden features within it, most of it I knew already.  The Excel one was a little different and I'm still somewhat flabbergasted with some of it; but I don't use that program that often.  I'll be glad to end those.  I'm now working on a Criminal Justice AA Degree online.  A little more intense, but since I work within that area, it could be informative.

I know this site is a little outdated and I hope to get that taken care of this weekend.  Mickey IS still on the move (though he's home right now), and the quotes, tidbits and recipes need upgraded; as well as the cat adoptions.  I also have a new feature I want to get up as well.....gee will the weekend be long enough for all this?????

Back to work.....