The Beginning of Another Week

I find myself at home still fighting with this cold - which seems to go from bad to worse and back around again.  I'm missing my annual training classes at work and will now have to find another time to take them or wait for make-up ones.

Friday night found us without heat.  Though the thermostat was set at 70, the temperature in the house was 58....breaker was fine, the reset button would get the furnace running for like 10 seconds and then cut off.  So it required a service call, and apparently the furnace just needed a good cleaning.

Hubby's frustration level with his left arm is hitting an all time low.  Yes, there is improvement and yes, it will take 18-24 months of therapy.  But I guess that when it's "your" arm and you have to deal with the limitations it's just depressing.  He goes through those worthless feelings...which tends to make him burst for no reasons at all.  Mind you - not violently, but he tends to yell and stomp and give smart-ass answers.  Me?  I apparently am an optimist....I realize that he could of ended up alot worse and that there ARE people who have and made successful and meaningful lives for themselves.  But I guess he's entitled to feeling sorry for himself at times.  I love him regardless whether or not he gets full use of the arm again...I think he just needs to remember that when God closes one door, he opens another and that maybe he needs to stop standing in the doorway and just walk on through to see what's there.  But try telling him that.....


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