Mickey On The Move


So, my travels start at the new homefront:


Small but doable.  There use to be two very LARGE bushes in front of each window - fortunately they are gone.  Hopefully this spring some landscaping can be completed and a REAL STRATS GARDEN can be planted.

If you stand in front of the house, you can look down the hill or up it!!

But I don't usually travel by the streets.....

See, an alley runs along side of the house (well it's considered a street).  It's not heavily travelled and there's only 3 houses that sit along it.  But let's head in the opposite direction from the house and take a walk down the alley:

A huge field is on the one side and the kids love to sled down it when it's covered with snow (and ice too)!!



Coming to the other end brings you to another street, and crossing that and going through a small field, will bring you to Burns Hill Cemetery - which is next week's stop!!

                                                                                                                                                                               The Mickster


  1. I love this blog, lots of interesting and informative postings. Great job, keep it up


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