Mickey On The Move

From the top of the field near the house there's a great view of the town:

So small wonder I like to explore, right?

Anyhoo...my last post had us heading for Burns Hill Cemetery:

The views from up here are spectacular:

Some interesting things:

Some of the smaller grave markers here look like tree stumps.  A closer look below:

There's some really beautiful things:

My favorite is this angel:

Back in the Fall, the cemetery was vandalized.  Allot of things were destroyed that were not replaceable.  The vandal removed the head of this angel.  Fortunately, when he was caught, her head was returned; but much of the other destruction still exists:

Even as I cat, I know you must be a very sick person to do something like this!!  Glad he was caught!!

Well that's Burns Hill Cemetery.  Next week I'll show some things we have here in Waynesboro that you probably have too!!

                                                                                                                                                                 The Mickster