I'm somewhat of a Reality Show junkie.  I don't watch them all, but I never miss "The Bachelor", "Survivor" or "America's Next Top Model".  I haven't watched all these series from the very beginning, but once I started watching them - I haven't missed one since.

I don't watch "The Bachelor" because I want to see love blossom....I watch it for the entertainment value.  I mean, really - can you find true love this way???  The current one is ending on Monday and there is apparently a "scandal" going on with this one.  According to the internet sites, the Bachelor chooses one of the ladies, then dumps her on the "After the Final Rose" for the lady he didn't pick.....and the next night they'll be ANOTHER "After the Final Rose" to see the happy couple.....or it's something like that - I don't have time to read all up on it.

Naturally this has caused panic in Bachelor fan land.  Some refuse to watch the finale and "after" shows as well as any future shows because they do not want to see Melissa rejected and humiliated on nationwide TV (I can't help but wonder if the roles were reversed and Molly was the one being rejected if they'd watch - sometimes the opinion goes with whichever girl you're rooting for).  I find it odd that with this show, anyone would refuse to watch the ending (and/or future shows) because someone will be rejected and humiliated on nationwide TV...I mean, doesn't this happen EVERY week on the show?  There are chosen ones, and not chosen ones?  Isn't that what this show is about?  Rejection?  Ahhh.....no, I'm wrong - it's really about finding love right?  Right  <sarcasm with an eye roll>.......

So all future contestants for The Bachelor...may I give you some advice???

1.    It's more likely that you will be rejected than chosen in this show, regardless how much prettier, smarter, etc.. that you "think" you are than the other girls.  Also, just because you think there's chemistry, doesn't mean there is.

2.   Be ladylike on the show....the cameras are on you.  Since it's likely that you'll be rejected what you don't want to do is come across as the local whore, tramp, psycho, etc.  on nationwide TV, thus ruining your chances for a date in the non-reality world.

3.  Don't get mad or angry if someone else gets the first impression rose on the first night.  That person never wins anyway-NEVER.  If he gives YOU that rose...best to bow out now before you get too involved. 

4.  If the romance isn't there, it just isn't there - stop wasting time and refuse a rose and just go home.  THAT's a dramatic rose ceremony.

5.  You're more likely to have lasting friendships with the other ladies than a lasting relationship with the man....be nice.

6.  If you get as far as the hometown visits...have rules for your family.  No animal burials.  Tell grandma not to have a framed photo of the Bachelor on the mantel with the family photos (he's not family).  Don't discuss politics or religion (in my case Stephen King would be another taboo subject, but that's a different story).  Better yet, have your family be the class act that Melissa's is and say they're private and don't' want any parts of it.

7.  If you happen to be the winner.....expect a break-up afterwards.  There's only been one couple to survive this - Trista & Ryan (but that was the Bacherolette and not the Bachelor).  And though there are 2 Bachelor couples still together (but not married) the chances are pretty much against you.  Don't take it too personally....if the fans loved you - you'll get your own show and get the chance to be the rejecter and not the rejectee!!!

As for me....I don't know these people, they signed up for the show....so I'm going to watch, and I'll watch all future shows as well.  I happen to like both of the final two ladies, so it's irrelevant to me which one wins....but I don't watch for the romance, I watch for the entertainment.  And from what I'm reading...this show is a not to miss one!!!