Alrighty Then....

You all owe Kim a "thanks alot" for the neglect this blog has had this week.  She introduced me to Face Book and I now have an addiction!!

If you're not a member there, you really should join.  It's better than My Space; and even if you don't use it regularly, you still may find someone you haven't seen in YEARS!!  I'm not kidding when I tell you that I've reconnected with 2 people I worked with 20+ YEARS AGO!!  Amazing!!  Send out requests for your friends to join and start creating you're own little tribe.

One thing I do find annoying though is that if you search for people too much at once - you get this little threatening pop-up box.  Face Book ASSUMES you are looking for people to spam and threatens to delete your account.  That make no sense to me....anyone out there know if I'm doing anything wrong?
How can I reconnect with old friends, if it doesn't want me to search?

Anyway, regular life has been moving smoothly.  Still lots of paperwork at my office, but that's always ongoing anyway.  Inmate population is UP and it's beginning to look that by the time the Emergency Housing Unit is put in - it will have to be a regular POD as it will be full to the max!!  They never think far into the future with their plans....

More later....just wanted y'all to know, I'm still here!!