Alrighty Then

Last night my cousin Chris and I decided to go to the movies.  We opted to see "Friday The 13th" and decided to have dinner before hand.  Her husband and son joined us.

Chris convinced me that the Waffle House was the place to go.  I had eaten at one many, many years ago in Florida...but decided it was worth a try.

The four of us arrive and we are the only people in the place.  There are 3 people working.  We sit, after about 5 minutes an employee approaches and asks what we want to drink - we tell him - he gets them.  Chris then asks for menus (duh - that should of been the first thing we got).  Chris ordered a chicken wrap and chili, Josh ordered an egg & cheese biscuit with hashbrown and Ron & I order the breakfast special which consists of 2 eggs, hashbrown, bacon, toast and waffle.  We wait as all 3 employees prepare our meals.

At least twice the server came back to ask Josh and Chris exactly what they had ordered....then Ron and I get our bacon, you heard that right, our BACON - not the entire breakfast.  Josh's food arrives, my waffle arrives, Chris' wrap arrives.  Chris has to remind them for her chili; the metal ring used to cook the hashbrown so it keeps it shape is still around her hashbrown - we laugh.  My breakfast finally arrives, Ron's waffle arrives.  Right before the rest of us are done, Ron's breakfast arrives.

Maybe it's just me but....shouldn't the entire breakfast of come TOGETHER????  It's not like they were busy or anything......

Chris, Josh and I then go to the movie.  It's good, but not fabulous....HOLLYWOOD STOP DOING REMAKES!!!!