A Dyson We Shall Go

I'll admit, Martha Stewart I am not.  I can't see the purpose in being cleaning obsessed and well, my house certainly shows that!!  I mean really, do you want to get to the pearly gates and when they asked "What did you do with your life?" and answer with a "Well, my house is clean!"

Of course not, life is too short to waste it on cleaning.  But anyway, even at some point my house does need some shaping up (all those animals and such).

When we bought the house hubby went to Lowe's to buy a lawn mower, so I insisted on a new vacuum (which we did need).  Hubby tried to convince me to buy a Dyson.  But spending $500 on a vacuum just seemed "not right" to me.  I opted for a Bissell that was designed for homes with animals at just under $200.  Hubby insisted we would be buying another one in a year, but I insisted we weren't buying a Dyson.

Like I said, I really don't spend alot of time cleaning, so the Bissell got minimal use.  But last week, I decided I was going to take a room a day and get it really clean (early Spring cleaning I suppose).  I started in the Kitchen (which of course doesn't require a vacuum) and the next day moved to the dining room.  For some reason, the previous owners had this area carpeted (when we have the money, we're going to change that); so after dusting and such, I went and got the Bissell.  I started vacuuming and all of a sudden, it's sound changed - it sputtered- then came to a stop.  At first I thought I blew a breaker, but everything else was on.  I tried a different outlet, nothing.  I unplugged it and started taking the hoses off.  They were clogged with animal hair.....for a specifically "made for home with animals" vacuum, it couldn't handle too much.  Hubby and I began cleaning it out and put it back together.  It worked, but it wasn't picking anything up.  I finally turned it off, looked at him and said...."I should of got the Dyson."  He replied, "I was thinking it, but didn't want to say it."

So I have a Dyson coming.  I ordered it from Kohl's online.  They had an online special, plus I had a 30% off coupon, so I got a really good deal on it.  I'm actually very anxious to get it.  So far anyone that I mention it to that has a Dyson tells me I'll never regret it!


It's the Dyson DC15 Animal Vacuum.   So we shall see.....