Some Useful Information

If you own cats and live within the Waynesboro, PA may want to know that the Antietam Humane Society is hosting their first spay/neuter clinic on Sunday, January 25, 2009.  An appointment is required and cats must be dropped off by 8:00 a.m.  Cost is $35 for male and $45 for female (additional $25 for pregnant female and cryptorchid male cats).  In addition Rabies and Distemper vaccines are available at $10 each.  I spoke to them today and the vaccines are only available to those cats being spayed or neutered and not to those just needing the vaccines.  I do think this is a very good cheap deal and should be taken advantage of if you are in need of this service and can't afford the cost of a Vet.

If you're just looking for vaccines is available for both dog and cat owners.  They do clinics at Petco's across the nation.  Check their website for a clinic near you and prices.  I do know that there will be one at the Hagerstown, MD Petco on Saturday, January 31 from 1:00-3:00 p.m.  - no appointments necessary.  Please bring vaccine records if your dog or cat has had prior vaccines.  Luv My Pet has a variety of package deals, or vaccines may be purchased separately.  They also offer testing for heartworms, any type of worms and do microchipping.  The site is worth checking out.  We plan on taking Spunky, Sebastian and Mickey there on the 31st.  We figured it will end up costing HALF of what the bill will be at our regular Vet and they are all due for shots now.

I've also seen clinics at local Petsmarts as well.  If you're looking for a cheap alternative the best thing to do is to contact your local Humane Society, Petco and Petsmart for information on their clinics.  Some Humane Societies due offer this service on a more timely basis or offer discount vouchers.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not advocating against Vet's.  I think all pet owners should have their pets taken care of by a Vet.  But with the economy the way it is, and prices increasing everywhere....every little bit helps.  What made me think of doing a post about this was on one of the Local Freecycle Groups, someone was giving up their dog due to the fact that vaccines were now due and they couldn't afford them.  From reading about the dog - he's had issues due to abuse and is afraid of giving him up, this poor dog will now have to go through ANOTHER adjustment period and that just isn't right.  I emailed the people with the Luv My Pet information and also the address of a local rescue of people that I know would have the patience to help this poor dog out if worse comes to worse.    I did receive an email back thanking me for the information.


On a pet note:   I drove by the old house today on my way home from work, and sitting on the side porch was Mickey!!  I pulled in the driveway and got out.  He came right to me, so I picked him up and plopped him in the passenger seat.  As I'm pulling out the driveway, he kind of stood up and looked out the window with the "Oh  no, I just made it back!" look.  It was funny.  He's sleeping in the pig room right now.