More This & That

I am loving this new laptop.  My old one was okay, but it was what I considered my "starter" laptop.  I purchased it through and it was refurbished - it's specs were comparable to what was considered "good" during that time.  At first, I didn't use it much, then I started taking it on vacations, to work for meeting minutes and such...I realized it was very handy to have and I began to use it more.  It's downfalls, of course, have become that it's rather slow and heavy to carry.  So I began searching for a new one. is like a toy store to me and that's where I found this laptop, a HP, at a very good deal.  The reviews were great and the only change I made was that I upgraded the memory to 2 GB.  I then wrote a great review on the site.  Today I get an ad email from them (the ads are almost daily) and they have it as a special again except with 2 GB of memory rather than 1, the price is higher, but what's funny is that part of MY review was right there under the ad!!  I find that exciting.

The one lady I work with is going to buy the old laptop for her daughter.  We're going to upgrade the memory on it, but I think it will be suitable for her daughter.

I'm also loving Cooper.  He is so active and funny all at the same time.  He follows me all around the house like a dog.  He's still got those stubby legs and big feet, but that's part of his charm. 

Mickey came back last night, well rather I went and got him and brought him back, but he went out when I got home and I don't know where he is.  It's suppose to get very cold the next 2 days and that does distress me a little, HOWEVER, I just don't know what to do with this cat to make him happy, so I've opted to just let him do his travelling and I guess one day, I won't receive a call to pick him up.  Depressing yes, but what more can I do?  He looked really rough this time around.  It's impossible to keep him totally inside, he shoots for the door every chance he gets, it's one thing if it's just me coming in, but if I have a dog and/or groceries and's impossible.  I guess I'll just let God handle that situation.