It's Been An Interesting Day

Back during vacation my one sister's boyfriend came to the house and ran me another outlet to the upstairs.  While he was here that day, he thought we needed light in the basement.

He's not kidding, the basement is really a cellar, and if you're any taller than me (5' 3"), you aren't going to be able to stand up tall, but the washer and dryer are down there and well light is a necessity.  What it has is a light you turn on at the top of the stairs and that's it!!  Once you're down there, there is a light above the washer to turn on (I've always just let that on).  On the other side was another light...but we've never been able to get it to work. he came and wired four lights into the basement, so now when you flip the switch at the top of the stairs - the whole basement lights up!!  He also ran us a box to hook a smoke detector to (rather than just one with batteries) - he said all houses need them!!

He then hung me a new light in the kitchen.  Then we came to the next issue....  Cooper had peed in the dining room directly down an outlet on the floor (don't know who's bright idea it was to put an outlet on the floor)!!!  Anyway, he said it was more dangerous for the cat then us...but to be safe, he unhooked that outlet.  We  then decided that when we get ready to lay new floors (hardwood in the dining area) we would move that outlet to the wall where it should be.  There are three like that in the living room as well...but that also is a project for another day!!  (We've never actually finished the bathroom)!

Anyway, while he and my sister were here, the Humane Society called telling me that someone had turned in a cat they had found in October meeting Strat's description.  After speaking to the woman, I concluded that it wasn't Strat.  Now I'm not too sure.  Strat is a solid gray tiger striped cat - the cat they have does have some white on him (under the nose down to the chin) - I was just looking at photos of him and realized that YES - STRAT DOES HAVE THAT AREA WHITE!!!  Now I'm all mad that I just didn't go take a look anyway - so I've emailed them with some photos and told them I'd be in Monday to have a look.  EVERYONE PLEASE KEEP YOUR FINGERS CROSSED.......

On the cat subject - I picked up Mickey today and brought him home!!!!