Happy, Happy To Me

Today is my 45th Birthday....I keep telling myself that the 40's are the new 20's so thus, I'm not ashamed to announce my age.   I just wish my body would feel like it's in the 20's instead of the 40's.

Yesterday, we had a meeting to discuss the new filing system for the new office area.  I really don't understand why this was needed.  Apparently the architect has the design down which includes the amount of space for a filing system, hired the company that will supply the filing system and they basically sell only one type.  So it's kind of a - this is what you're getting, like it or not.  So what was the point of the meeting?  My system now is like a carousel - in which the file comes to me.  I can sit or stand.  The new system is well like shelving (the type like doctor's office use) and will require standing, possibly a step stool for the top shelf (but not a ladder) and well sitting on the floor for the lower shelves.  Had I not fallen over the dog gate back in November, this wouldn't bother me too much...but since that happen, my knees don't tend to be as well as they use to be.  But I'm trying to be positive by reminding myself that I'm lucky to have a job and one that is pretty stable.  The only good thing to come out of the meeting is that the Warden has recognized that scanning just isn't going to happen and that we need to have the biggest filing system we can.  He then was thinking of making my office across the hall and he pointed on the plans.  I asked the obvious "You're putting me in the bathroom?"  He said, "Sorry I was pointing at the wrong room."  Course across the hall would mean I'm away from the drama of the office - which could be a good thing.  Time will tell.

I'm afraid something has happened to Mickey.  He left again last weekend and we've received no calls for pick-up.  I was pretty sure we'd get a call when the snow and ice hit (as he tends to want to be inside for that) but no call has come.  I've driven by a few times and normally when he's around they have food sitting on the porch for him, but there hasn't been any.  I'm just afraid that maybe this time, he didn't make it.


  1. Hmm, well how much of a louse am I that I forgot your birthday? *SIGH*, I hate getting old.

    The meeting, yeah, what's new about having a totally and pointless meeting around here? Happens All. The. Time.

    Glad to hear Mickey's back. And maybe, to get away from the drama, you'd rather work in the bathroom. :) Sometimes I think I would instead of being sandwiched between who I am.



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