A Little Bit of This & That

We're suppose to get very cold weather the end of this week...this has me concerned as Mickey is on his journey across town AGAIN!!
I assume he's already there, we just haven't caught up with him yet.

My new laptop came today and it's very nice.  It's smaller and lighter than my other one and I added another gig of memory to it and it's very fast!!  It was a very good deal at TigerDirect.com, so I couldn't pass it up.

Yearly training has started at work and my day will be filled with CPR and First Aid tomorrow...though that will put me further behind in my work, I'll be glad to get it all over with.  The rest of my training I'll do on day by day basis rather than just picking one week to do it all..it just works better that way for me.

And that's my little post for today.