It Was A Long Fun Day!!

New York City

A Nice Party!!

The Day Begins

Testing My Patience

The End

There Was A Brief Thanksgiving Incident.....

Some More Of This....And Some More Of That....

Another Sexy Man

Have A Nice Holiday

This & That

And They Finally Got It Right!!!

Christmas, Already????

Prayer Request

Some Missed Dates

I'm On Vacation.....I'm On Vacation.....


Quicky Due To LONG Movie

Too Many Chiefs and Not Enough Indians....

A Short One

Darkness, Guinea Pigs and A Virus....

Out With The Old, In With The New

A Washer & Dryer

A Sofa

A Holiday!

Finally A Break!!

A Busy Day

Another Relaxing Day....

A Very Lazy Day

The Long Week Ends

Quicky 2

A Quicky

Some Old Photos

Another Long Day

This, That & Then Some...

I'm Back!!!!!

It Was A Long Week

Animals, Animals, Animals....

What Drives You Nuts According To Your Astrology Sign.....

A Cool, Crisp Autumn Morning

Cooper's Gone

Pets Are So Funny

Another Day

Keep The Prayers Coming

So Depressing