Shakes Head....

I assume everyone is familiar with the reusable shopping bags being sold at practically all stores in hopes of eliminating the use of plastic bags...I'm a big fan of these bags and buy them from almost every store I come across.  I wish, however, the store logos weren't on them (congrats to The Dollar Tree stores for leaving their logos off).

Anyway...I'm in Kmart today and come across their bags the size of everyone else's; but further back I come across much larger ones for 50 cents more.  I opted to buy one.

So I have my bag...I have my purchases....I go to the register....and how do you think the girl bags me?  Yep, throws everything, including my reusable shopping bag, into a plastic bag!!!!  Wow - that's helping the earth now isn't it?

As hubby tells me...."They do walk among us."  He's not kidding...

P.S.   Mickey is home!




    • Sunday, December 21. 2008 Barbara wrote:
      I like those bags too. Occasionally I even remember to take them out of the car and into the store. I do recycle the paper bags as kitchen garbage bags, however, so I don't feel too guilty. And the plastics, including the newspaper wrappers, can be returned to the store. When I remember!
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