He's a sweetheart!!!

We're beginning to think that his head and legs just aren't growing as fast as his body and feet - once full grown he may look normal, but if he grows into those feet - he's going to be a BIG boy.

He's extremely friendly and afraid of nothing.  He was under the Christmas Tree and Keyser was barking and jumping at him, and Cooper was like "What IS your problem?"  Toby is much calmer.

He found his way to bed last night and slept at the top of my pillow - purring.

He loves the upstairs, likes walking across the keyboard as I type, he likes batting at the cursor on the computer screen, he likes hiding and jumping at the other cats. 

Spunky has no interest in him but has stopped hissing at him, I notice Sebastian somewhat playing with him this morning (until he noticed I was watching), Mickey.....well....we believe Mickey is on his way back to the other house AGAIN - I don't think it has anything to do with Cooper though, was just about that time; perhaps he'll be back in time for Christmas.

He is underfoot alot, so we have to be careful (especially hubby); fortunately the shelter had put a collar on him with tags-so he jingles.  It amazes me that that doesn't bother him though, it's like it's not there.  I need to make a Vet appointment for a rabies shot and check-up, the shelter gives your 14 days to do that.  He has all other shots, has been tested for Feline Leukemia, flea treated and fixed....I find it odd that they don't do rabies as well, but I've notice most shelters do not.  Oh, and he also is microchipped.

I'll put pictures up tonight - PROMISE!!!