Cats Needing Homes

The Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter in Chambersburg, PA is a very nice facility.  If you live within the area and are looking for a pet - please visit their website and have a look.

My Christmas wish is for the following cats to have homes for Christmas:

Snowcone is a very friendly male pure white cat.  He has an irritable stomach and can only have chicken & rice food. 

Marcus is a very beautiful HUGE cat.  He's older and looking for someone to love him.

Joe, another of the older ones.  He's also HUGE and declawed.

Mimm - just a baby and a bobtail; such a sweetheart.

Spice - absolutely gorgeous!!

Bryce - he was Cooper's cagemate.  He has the orangest eyes I've ever seen.


Viola and Viveka - sisters of Bryce.  Both very friendly.  Viveka actually lept out of the cage into my arms!!

Now can you understand why we had such a hard time making a choice????