Well hubby WILL be coming home tomorrow!!!  The leg problem has resolved itself and I'm beginning to wonder if alot of that was due to medication and stress....  we still have a complaint pending, but at least he can come home.  So I've taken the rest of the week off (we get Thursday and Friday anyway) and told them I'd just take it on a day-to-day basis from there.  My office is pretty accomodating (especially when they know you want to work), so I can work split shifts, 1/2 days, whatever is necessary.

So we have a few more "nominations" for Sexiets Men:

2 more coming from "Mamma Mia" :

                        Dominic Cooper "Sky"                                                                     Philip Michael "Pepper"

                             Rob Lowe                                                        Michael Rosenbaum

Any more????