Strat is still in the land of the missing.  We did get a call from someone that had found a cat meeting his description, and thus got our hopes us....but it wasn't him .  I cry a lot - Mickey lays with me and purrs.....

Hubby on the other hand is FINALLY scheduled for surgery.  First surgery is November 11th and the next is November 14th.  He'll remain in the hospital the whole time possibly coming home November 17th (if all goes well).  I'm now thinking of boarding the dogs and staying down there.  I figure I'm going to need off about 3 weeks and I have this Family Medical Leave paperwork that needs filled out.  Really going to put the office in a bad mood, but what can I do???

I think it's going to be a long month.........


    • Saturday, November 01. 2008 Pamela wrote:
      My thoughts and prayers are with you and your husband that all goes well with his surgery - and that he has a speedy recovery! And that Strat comes home too!
      Keep us posted on your husband's progress.
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    • Saturday, November 01. 2008 Kim wrote:
      You're right...you do what you have to do. I'm a believer in God first, then family and friends and then work.

      Really hope you find Strat. Maybe he just took a little vacation or something.
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    • Sunday, November 02. 2008 Su Jackson wrote:
      You are never going to regret you didn't spent more time at work ! Thoughts are with you and your family - human and animal.
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