Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Not To Often You Get Two Posts In One Day...

Well I just heard from Hubby and they have found him a bed in a Rehab Center in Hagerstown (we both work in that area and live just right across the state line from there).  He's doing VERY well.  Right arm is getting stronger, he's able to lift his left arm up a little higher than before...and he walked the 9th floor at Johns Hopkins twice last night (with assistance, of course).  So things are moving along very well!!

As long as the insurance approval goes through....he should be in Hagerstown tonight!!



    • Tuesday, November 18. 2008 Pamela wrote:
      Oh, Laura, I am SO glad to hear this good news! So now you can visit him after work during the week he is in the Rehab center. Good luck getting the comp time as he will need you when he comes home. I will keep praying for you both!
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