Just What I Needed To Brighten The Day

Remember this post:


Well things have been rough as you all know.  Strat's still missing, Mickey is on his way back to the old house again, I didn't nearly get done what I wanted to before leaving work for 3 weeks and John Hopkins called to say they never received the results from the pre-op tests that are needed prior to surgery - apparently the transcriptionist at the local office is off sick.  Ummmm.....yeah, they know he's having surgery, they know it's needed, but WTF - she's sick so nothing gets done.  So there was a mad rush to get that taken care of as surgery is TOMORRROW.  Then there was the guilt of dropping Toby and Keyser off at the kennel..... so it was a nice surprise to come home today - and what is in the mailbox???  A note from Kevin Spacey!!!  What a bit of sunshine in a stressful day!!!  It's like he knew!!!

Thanks Kevin!!!