How Many Seconds To Mental Breakdown????

Okay - hubby came home today.  I went to the hospital early (7:00 a.m.) to get instructions on anything I needed to know.  Basically his incision staples need to be covered when he showers.  So they showed me how to do that....then prior to his "release" they removed the staples, so that training was all unnecessary.  Anyway, we go to CVS to drop off his prescriptions on the way home.  The one was written for 10mg pills - which they don't make.  When hubby looked at it he said to the Pharmacist "You're right, that prescription is wrong it should be 5mg."  In which the Pharmacist went into to "rant" (I'm not kidding) that he could not fill that prescription as it wasn't correct, etc.....      Customer service is really lacking in the world these days and I can remember the day a Pharmacist would of contacted the doctor for you to check on things rather than treat you like you were trying to steal drugs or something.  Anyway, we came home, called the doctor's office and well...waited.

Approximately 4 hours later, the office finally calls back and says hubby can pick up the prescription.  I ask if I can do it as he was sleeping.  I get a disgruntled "Yes, but next time he has to come himself".  I make the 20 minute drive to the office and back again and head to Wal-mart with all the prescriptions (we absolutely did not let CVS fill any of them after the attitude they had).  I'm told it will be an hour wait, which was fine as I could shop.

Go back to the Pharmacy, still have to wait.  After about another 20 minutes they call my name.  They've filled 3 of the 4 as they are out of the 4th until Tuesday.  They hand me that prescription back and send me on my way (I also remember the day a pharmacist would call around to find out which pharmacy had what you needed). 

So now I stop at Rite Aid on my way home, which is now my preferred pharmacy....why?  Well I walk in (no line) and the lady apologizes that it will take 15 minutes to fill the prescription.  Can't beat service like that!

Hubby is getting around well.  We solved the Keyser jumping problem like this:

No he doesn't have to be in it 24/7...but it does keep him out of the way, and yeah he does whine!!!!  And we've instructed visitors to use the side door as he's blocking the front one.