Almost Ready...

Well we're almost completely ready for Johns Hopkins next week.  The dogs are set for boarding and my hotel is booked.  JH offers a service to families that need to stay in the area - and that is discounted hotel rooms.  You just call that office and they set you up.  They have me booked at the Sheraton at the Inner Harbor.  The hotel will provide me with taxi vouchers to get back and forth.  They really got me a good deal on it.  Now I just need to spring on my Dad that he has cat/guinea pig/rabbit duty next week.

Strat is still missing and I really think someone has him.  Not in a bad way, but he is a friendly cat and would go to anyone.  Strat is just not the type of cat to just leave he's in a house somewhere.

As for Mickey.....he's on his way back to the old house AGAIN!!!