A Much Better Day

Despite having to go to work and explain WHY I was back....and then having to get a "note" from the doctor's office for the 3 days of Family Sick Leave I used (it's only FMLA at the 4t day and work wouldn't accept that paperwork as proof that I needed off <rolls eyes>.....the day went fairly well.

I just got off the phone with hubby about an hour ago.  During his therapy session today, he was able to lift his right arm much higher than he had been and he was able to lift his left elbow up about 1/2 an inch - which had him very excited.  I guess the swelling is starting to subside and the healing starting.  He's still got a way to go, but he's been so depressed lately that this was very uplifting.

Upon release from Johns Hopkins, he'll go to an in-patient rehab facility for about a week prior to coming home.  Though all the doctors are not in agreement with the in-patient rehab, hubby said he feels more comfortable doing that first - as do I.  The rehab facility will be closer to home relieving the stress of *that* drive.  I was somewhat upset that the kids did not go down to visit today as planned due to my stepson being AWOL for most of the day.....they just don't see the seriousness of this situation <shakes head>.

Anyway, this gives me a little more time to possibly accumulate some comp. time and come up with a solution to keep Keyser from jumping on hubby and knocking him over!!

Keep those prayers coming..... <smiles>!