A Better Day

Things are much better today.  He has had a little movement in the left arm which is a good sign.  It means something is working in there or at least trying to.  The one person (I've lost track of the titles and positions of these people) said that we'll probably see more movement as the swelling from the surgery goes down.  That doesn't rule out physical therapy-that will still be needed but after 2 days of the arm being totally useless, it's nice to finally see something positive.  He did finally eat solid food today, swallowing is hard but that's due to swelling from the surgery.


He's actually ready to be moved from Critical Care to a regular room but there are no beds available.  Actually there's 8 in the unit that could be moved but are just waiting on beds. Once he's there they'll be getting him up and doing some therapy and then hopefully home!!!