This, That, These and Those

Well, Brian Regan (as expected) was FABULOUS.  And my seats were really front row center (I kept thinking maybe I read the chart wrong-lol!!).  He did allot of new things and then encored with some older stuff.  I was laughing the whole time.  The one thing about him is that he is so hysterically funny without the bad language and sexual content.  He's clean and talks about every normal day things!!

We're heading back down to John Hopkins on Friday for a meeting with the surgeon - FINALLY!!  This is a different one that takes insurance (our's being among them).  After the last call, when they called back they had a surgeon that could see us on November 20th.  It was then that hubby had had enough.  He told them that wouldn't do, and then proceeded with what all we've been through since June.  They said they'd call back.  Dr. Timothy Witham reviewed his tests and decided that hubby didn't "have to" have the surgery - he NEEDED to have the surgery.  So we're scheduled to meet with him on October 31st and they've told us the surgery would be between that point and mid-December.  Finally, we're getting somewhere.  Hubby will have two surgeries.  One for the problem in the neck and 3 days later they'll take care of the problem in the middle back.  He'll remain in the hospital that whole time.  I'll be so glad when all this is over.  One good thing though - a friend of hubby's did some research and came up with a listing of the top 15 neuro surgeons in Maryland and Dr. Whitham is on the that's good news.

My one turtle died!!  They had been doing so well.  Apparently sometime yesterday the electric went out (I came home to flashing VCR, alarm clock) and apparently the aquarium heater didn't come back on when the electric did.  They really need temperature why it affected the one and not the other - I don't know; but I need to find a back up solution for that.

Keyser hurt his leg last week at hubby's shop.  It doesn't seem to bother him, but sometimes he walks on it and other times he holds it up.  I took him to the Vet (and that was a nightmare as he isn't a good patient) and they concluded that his kneecap had popped out..and they popped it back in (yeah, I know).  So he's on medication, but things don't seem to be getting better, so we may have to go to Plan B - which is X-rays and $$$$$.  Oh well, what's a pet owner to do?  Hubby and I were in Petsmart last night and found a Puggle book; while flipping through it, we discovered that the knee cap thing is quite common in Puggles - as well as hip problems.  Keyser, I'm sure, is the product of a puppy his genetics are probably more so.  We'll have to wait and see.

Since Keyser's at work with hubby on Saturdays...that's family time for me and Toby and Toby says it is walk time - so off I go.....