It Was A Long Day

Yesterday, it was back down the road again to John Hopkins for hubby to have more tests.  They did a CT Scan and another MRI.  I sat and read a book.  We're still waiting for the surgeon to return a phone call that was made to return their phone call (it's getting old really fast).  What we do know is that surgery will be done which will probably mean almost a full week hospital stay.  It would just be nice to know more than that....

On the way back home we stopped in Emmitsburg, MD to eat at The Ott House.  We've always liked this restaurant and haven't been there in a long time.  We ordered drinks and the crab dip with chips for an appetizer.  I've always raved about this crab dip...but today it wasn't really the right temperature.  The waitress was rather slow and we found ourselves waiting allot.  I think the crab dip may have sat on the counter a little too long and cooled off.  Dinner wasn't any better......I ordered my steak well-done and it wasn't even close.  Course the waitress doesn't come to check, so hubby had to get up and walk it to the bar.  The solution for that was to pop it in a microwave......course that ruined the taste and made it unedible.  Hubby's steak, he claimed, just didn't taste right...he flagged another waitress down and asked her to just take it away, he didn't want it.  They, of course, didn't make us pay for the meals (for some reason they blamed everything on their computers???)...but I was more disappointed that the service was so bad.