Even After A Meltdown, Sometimes Life Just Gets Funny!!!

So as usual, I head to my parent's house for Sunday dinner today.  Hubby chose to stay home and well when I was leaving, I noticed family togetherness:

Guess there was no room for Keyser on the lap, as Toby and Strat had that covered!!

Anyway, when I come back home I give my cousin Chris a call and we decided to go see the movie "Quarantine".  I went to her house early to give her, her birthday gift (she's now in the OVER 40 crowed) and so we could chat (cause people tend to frown on chatting at the movies).  Upon leaving her house to get into the car, she had to go to her mailbox and then said "I really don't like what my one ghost is doing."  This is where everything gets funny.....

She has this blow up Halloween decoration in her yard that is 3 ghosts, and apparently the wind had the middle one all twisted around:


Okay from this angle you may be wondering..."Where is the third ghost?"  (This is where it gets funny); well he's kind of busy with the ghost in the back:


Naturally, this was indeed a Kodak Moment (or in my case an Olympus one) and always glad I carry my camera with me - well....who could resist????  Definately not something you see everyday!

The movie "Quarantine" was very good.  It's done "Blair Witch" style - where someone is filming the going ons.  Once it gets started, it's pretty action packed and really draws you in.  We had lots of questions at first, but the movie answered them as it went on (which is unusual) and we both really liked it.