Okay well......

Got home from vacation and had a complete computer crash - and I mean one where I had to use recovery disks to get it back up.  HP support was very helpful and we discovered that an external hard drive I have was somewhat corrupted and causing the problem (bad driver perhaps?), of course that is where I kept my I did lose a few things- mostly some photos - that are unrecoverable; but that stuff happens.  Anyway I've found a "free" online storage site that offers 50 GB of free storage...I'm gonna use that to back up things with AND do backups more frequently (fortunately I did have one from July). 

Vacation was great and I hated to see it end.  On one of the posts I mentioned that hubby and I went on a helicopter ride, here's a photo:


Had to scan that in as they gave us the photo (well we paid for it) so it's not as clear.  Anyway, I've decided it really is time to lose some pounds, so I'm back on weight watchers tomorrow!!  And hopefully next year's photo (yes, we're saving for the longer ride) I'll be a size or so smaller.  I have some photos from the air that I hope to get up tomorrow.

Picked up the dogs from the camp retreat (aka: kennel) on Saturday.  Keyser was hardly recognizable!  He grew up, lost what was left of his puppy face, and had put on weight!  We both commented on the change.