I Have Turtles

I forgot to mention that while on vacation I got 2 turtles.  You know, the little ones.  They sell them at the beach now like they do hermit crabs.

I remember having these little turtles as a kid...boy has time changed from then.  The little plastic container with the little island and plastic tree are no longer the suitable container for them (no wonder they always died).  Even though the woman at the store sold them to us saying you could keep them in that and therefore talking us into the largest plastic container......  the truth is you need an aquarium and a large one at that as those turtles get big!

When we moved a year ago I had two 20 gallon aquariums that we trashed....figures doesn't it?  Anyway, another county employee gave me a 10 gallon aquarium and we've set it up with gravel, a filter, a water heater and big basking rock (with a basking light of course).  They are very interesting to watch.

I'll try to get pictures soon....