Home Projects, John Hopkins and Vacation

Yes, I'm still alive and well!!!

Home Projects are back in swing and we're going to finish the bathroom this weekend.  Hubby's working on getting the floor finished, then Sunday we are going to paint.  It still leaves us with the yellow tub dilemma, but we decided the overly expensive things we're pushing to the bottom.
Other things on the list:

Painting the bedroom and laying new carpet (paint and carpet already bought).
Laminate flooring in the dining room and down the hallway.
New floor in Kitchen.
New carpet in Living Room.
Waterproof walls in basement, and clean up down there.
Get rid of tree and carport in backyard.

So we've got quite a list and a long way to go, but it's always nice to get a project complete.

Hubby's appointments at John Hopkins are Monday & Tuesday.  Originally they were both on Monday - but you now how that goes....

Then Friday we leave for Myrtle Beach - can't wait for that!!!