This and That

Well, hubby's MRI and other test results were sent to John Hopkins and we're waiting on their opinion.  So everything is at a standstill with his surgery.  He's now trying to get all this stuff done around the house he's been putting off....I personally think he shouldn't be doing any of it - but hey, who am I???

Work has been so-so...I've been working on paperwork for a yearly grant and it of course, having a deadline, had to be front burner while the rest of my work just sat around.  I think I may have to go into work tomorrow to get caught up.  And the commissary clerk is on vacation AGAIN, so I have his job all this week as well.

I'm beginning to think Petsmart's Dog Obedience Classes participate in the "No Dog Left Behind" program.  Keyser is anything but obedient and he's destroyed 3 pairs of my shoes this week in addition to some other things.  GRRRR......