Some Chit Chat

First things first.....look over at the sidebar and visit "Stratsville"; it only takes a click and that's all you need to do!!  We were almost at a population of 100 and now we're back at 88.  The only way to move up the levels is to increase the population and the only way to do that is for everyone to visit once a day!!!

I've opted to stay with stratcat as my online identity and change some other things around.  Though I created a new email, I'm thinking it may be too obvious, so I may rethink that one, but I will only be using "free" email accounts for my online boards from here on out.  That way my personal space doesn't get invaded by an unknown person.  Though I know some may think I over reacted too quickly by canceling out my accounts and such...I beg to differ.  If you read back through some of the older posts you'll notice a few months back I was dealing with some computer problems that involved either a hacker or virus and that my normal everyday life isn't going the smoothest either.  There's that John Hopkins appointment still hanging out there and well I'm stressed and scared!  Plus there's the fact that I respect others opinions even when they differ from mine, is it too much to ask the same????  Online, it apparently is.  Though I rejoined back up at one board, I'm not sure I will at the other.

As my last post states I went to see "Mamma Mia" and loved it.  You really have to like musicals and ABBA music to enjoy this, but it's just a fun movie.  We sang with the songs (my co-worker Polt was there as well and he and his friend Steph sat behind us) and such, only to realize when leaving that there were people sitting further behind us - oh well - it was a nice ending to what was a rather disturbing day.  Though I still stand by that Pierce Brosnan should not sing - don't get me wrong, I like him as an actor.....but I hope he has no plans for a singing career.