Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Alrighty Then....

So we're being told that it's good news that hubby does not have some type of disabling disease.  HOWEVER, we received the results of the MRI he had done this past Saturday.....

Apparently he has bone spurs in the neck, which in turn is causing pressure on the spinal cord, which in turn is causing the spinal fluid not to run thoroughly through the area, which in turn means he needs to have surgery.  No other options.  It'll continue to get worse and is in such a condition that if he would suddenly be "jolted" (car accident, fall, etc..) may lead to him being paralyzed.

He wants to wait until September for surgery, I want him to have it ASAP.  So we've decided to discuss it with the neurologist at Monday's appointment.

Prayers please.

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