Life (for lack of a better title)

My computer has been slowing up for sometime and one of the hard drives has started to make a grinding noise.  I know I'm looking at a crash down the I've opted to get a new one prior to that happening.  I didn't want to build again....although I could build a better system for less than what I bought, every time I build something is wrong and it becomes frustrating to get things right...I just can never pop everything in the case and get it up and running.  I'm not a Dell person and I just didn't want to buy a pre-built one in the store; so I got on HP's site and they let you customize models.

Course, every time I customized it ended up being some huge price tag.  I then looked at it sensibly and realized I was going for a gamer, when I don't play allot of games.  The Sims, on occasion, but that's about it.  Anyway I finally customized but still came out higher than I hoped but decided to go with it, when checking out I noticed a box for a coupon code (if you had one).  Hmmmm....I got online and searched and came across one that saved me $400.00!!!  Brought me right under the amount I hoped!!  Now, of course, I just have to wait for it.  The only thing I'm not looking forward to is Windows Vista - but since I've worked on my cousin's, dad's and hubby's....I think I can get through it to get it adjusted to my specs.  Of course, I have allot of backing up to do!!!

Keyser is now terrified of Mickey.  Apparently bothering Mickey too much gets you swatted in the face (and it happened more than once) now if Mickey happens to be laying on the floor in the direction Keyser wants to go...Keyser just sits and whines.  It's funny in a way; I've never seen that dog as calm as he is when Mickey is around.  Mickey, of course, wanders around meowing...but he has slept with me the past few nights and he hasn't tried to get outside.  Got my fingers crossed this time around (but then I do every time).