He's Back........

I had a nice dinner tonight with the Y girls and when I came home, hubby is asleep on the couch and I see we have a phone message.  Mickey was trying to break down the door at the old house and they were wondering if we could come for him.

The message was an hour old, but I got the cat carrier and drove over.  He was still on the front porch and the lady living their now came out.  She was very friendly and apologetic about not being able to keep him (not that we expected them to).  And she was worried that he looked bad.....bad???  That cat is perfectly clean and doesn't look as though he's lost weight.  I assured her he was fine, said they'd probably see him again-but not to worry, he does have all his shots and he is self-sufficient with food.  I thanked her and left.

For some reason Keyser was thrilled to see him (I believe the last time Mickey left was when we brought Keyser home).  He keeps bowing down and barking, which in dog talk means "This is my friend and I want to play."  Mickey, on the other hand, is more like "You are not my friend, get  away from me, go play with Strat."  But in case you are wondering - No Mickey is in no way intimidated or afraid of Keyser.

Looking back through my posts I realize that my last indicating Mickey had left again was back on April 1...though I'm pretty sure he'd been gone about a week before I posted that.  But even starting at April 1 - he's been gone for 11 weeks!!!  Has it been that long???  He looks VERY well for that length of time.

I'm glad he's home.