People Are Just Dumb

During an interview last spring, Kevin Spacey made the comment "People are just dumb."  I've learned this quote is so true.

Recently someone chose to post on one of the guestbooks at a fan site in regards to Kevin's trip to Venezula and his next stop being Cuba.   They ,of course, were appalled, were never going to be a fan again and stated it was illegal for Americans to go to Cuba.  That was news to me.

I looked it up and she was right, however, further investigation led to all the "exceptions" to the law and actors fell under one of them.  I copied and pasted that information.

You guessed it, she posted back that I was "just making excuses for Kevin by stating he fell under a special category".  So I posted back stating that the information was from the official government website and I was not making excuses but stating fact.

So what do you think her course of action was?  Educate me with more information?  State why she felt his visits to these countries were so terrible?  Ignore it?  Nope, she had no course of action but to sling mud - she didn't care, I was still only making excuses for Kevin but then everyone needs a hobby; she wouldn't engage in battle with an unarmed person (yeah, I didn't get it either...we weren't in battle and I was armed with FACT) and then ended with "your village called, they miss you" (yeah, I know- a saying that makes no sense cause she got it wrong).  Basically, she was calling me and the official government website stupid because we proved her wrong (well not entirely, she was right about it being illegal for Americans to travel to Cuba).

Kevin Spacey's right....People are just dumb