I'm a huge horror movie fan.  I love the edge of the seat, hide your eyes thrill they can give you.  My all time favorite is the original "Night of the Living Dead" - that movie just creeps me out.  What I don't like is the horror movies that rely on "let's come up with the goriest death ever" scenes - you know the slashers.  Sometimes just the thought of what's happening is more horrifying then actually seeing it.  It's the imagination that makes these movies so thrilling.

I really like the original movie "Halloween".  Though considered a "slasher" it is not quite as bad as all the others that came after it (and I absolutely hate Parts 2, etc... of these types of movies, gets old after a while).  Anyway my cousin Chris and I go to the movies often and there wasn't much on so we decided to go see the new remake of "Halloween".

The great thing about the original is you have this seemingly small innocent 8 year old boy from a good family that one Halloween while dressed as a clown stabs his sister to death.  You then see him standing on the front of the house, bloody knife in hand, parents arriving home........  what went wrong there???  You never really know, that alone makes it creepy - what would possess an 8 year old to do that???  In the later films they'll weave a connection between Michael Meyers and the part played by Jamie Lee Curtis; but in the first one that hadn't happened yet (I don't even know if the writers had thought of it yet).

In the remake, they leave nothing to the imagination.  You get all the background on Michael - family was very poor (but for some reason had an in ground pool in the back yard), stepfather was mean, older sister teased him, kids at school teased him and beat up on him....(you know the story).  The actor playing young Michael looked about 13 years of age, and looked more like a bully himself rather than the victim.  He goes berserk and kills more than his sister that evening.  Then you have to watch him through the years of therapy and such....then the movie starts coming in with current day and follows pretty much what the original does other than it pulls that "family" connection into it.  With this one, you understand why he may of did it....don't know about you, but that takes all the creepiness out of it for me.

In my opinion...they took a perfectly good classic horror movie and made it into a piece of crap.  Save your money!