Very Long Day

Moving is very tiring.   You never realize how much you've accumulated until you move.  The guinea pigs arrived last night, the rabbit today and the cats will arrive tomorrow.  Toby moved in last night with us.  We still have some things to get from the old house...I'll be so glad when all things are in one location.

Had the cable & internet hooked up today.  There was a cable wire already in the living room, however, the cable guy insisted on running all new wiring, he also insisted that under no circumstance was a splitter being used on any of his cables.  He didn't care what all the other technicians have done, he does it correctly.  He did soften up after awhile...but if he's any indication of their customer service - well there's issues....  Although the internet works great, I cannot access Comcast On Demand and and the online channel guide all says "To Be Announced", the channels work though.  So far their customer service has been very unhelpful.  Actually, he's the only technician that I've ever dealt with that left prior to making sure everything was working properly - he just said it would eventually all work??????!!!!!!  Last customer service rep told me to wait 30 minutes, unplug the box for 30 seconds and try again.....


  • Saturday, September 29. 2007 Kim wrote:
    Nice...I'd be sure to call customer service and let them know about your issues!

    1. Saturday, September 29. 2007 stratcat43 wrote:
      I've talked to customer service THREE times claims it'll straighten itself out within 24 hours....another tried to "ping" it but it didn't help, the last one said it's because the work order wasn't closed out but he was unable to get dispatch.  He suggested calling tomorrow during down time to get it done.